Code Research & Code Application

Finding and Understanding Applicable Codes

A.C.E. personnel maintain a working knowledge of the numerous codes such as NFPA, ICC, NEC, UL, ASTM, Life Safety Code, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and many others codes and standards. These codes are used for litigation, workers’ compensation, structural losses, product failures, code violations, product liability, installation defects, and many other areas. Code Research and Standard Research can be simple but it can also be complex. There are some variables in codes, standards and industry practices that must be taken into consideration when performing Code Research and Code Application. A.C.E. understands the various codes, standards, accepted industry practices, standard operating procedures, and industry standards. When working on a project, our researcher identifies which codes, standards or industry practices are applicable. This Code Research or Standard Research is completed in a professional fair manner in accordance with scientific, statistical and proven practical methods. This allows our clients to understand when and where proper building, installation or industry codes and standards have been or have not been used or applied.  
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