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Evidence Storage

Meticulously maintained and monitored

 A.C.E. has the ability to store all types of equipment and systems. We store evidence for attorneys, insurance companies, investigators, private companies, and individuals. Our Evidence Procedures allow us to store and monitor evidence. We routinely handle the evidence from collection to the eventual disposal of the evidence. A.C.E. maintain a database which describes the evidence, tracks where the evidence is located and is meticulously maintained. Attention to details is essential when storing evidence. A case can be won or lost due to a breach in the chain of custody or spoliation of the evidence. A.C.E. prevents the loss of a case due to these factors by being vigilant and organized in our evidence storage practices. A.C.E. can store the evidence for any length of time required. The storage facility is temperature controlled, and video monitored. A.C.E. has the capabilities to storage any weight, size and value of evidence pertaining to a case as long as needed. outside storage is also available. A.C.E.'s storage of evidence will ensure its security and protection from damage, so the most accurate results during analysis can be achieved.


Chain of custody refers to the chronological documentation, and/or paper trail, showing the seizure, custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of evidence, physical or electronic. A.C.E. meticulously maintains and monitors evidence storage and the chain of custody.



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