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Expert Witness


A.C.E. establishes incident causation based of physical evidence, and establishes responsibility for the incident or wrongful death. As an expert witness, determining the technical facts through root cause analysis is crucial to any litigation. We help you buttress your argument with technical facts, note inconsistencies in the opposing analysis, and identify potential technical areas with the case. A.C.E. will provide you with all the various components to meet your expert witness needs.

Ease of Access

A.C.E. functions as a team so you are not just working with one person. This provides you with ease of access to technical and non-technical case information eliminating call backs from a sole practitioner or embedded sole practitioner. Team functionality guarantees you are not left without an case knowledgeable expert if your expert is unavailable.


 timely  communicates easily with other having varying levels of technical knowledge  succinctly answered questions with expanded answers when necessary  provides understanding of the technical nuances  your way - email, phone, fax or in person

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