Giving you answers

A.C.E.’s failure analysis method is a process that allows A.C.E. to give you answers. Failure testing determines not only where the failure occurred; but, allows you to determine your next step. When root cause analysis is used with our court proven failure analysis testing, you will be given answers.

Failure Analysis


Failure analysis is sometimes called root cause analysis (RCA). By conducting a root cause analysis, A.C.E. can determine what caused the malfunction.

Our Approach

A.C.E.’s failure analysis methods can test equipment down to sub-component level to determine the cause of the malfunction. We analyze whether the failure was a design, manufacturing, installation, or user failure. A.C.E. also verifies the appropriate warnings are present.

Type of failures

Appliance, equipment, electronic, electrical/mechanical equipment/systems and structures. Many times this equipment or structure has either caused or involved in a fire.
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