Frequently Asked Questions


1.   Where is your office located? 3907 Flowers Road Atlanta, (Doraville) Georgia 30360 2.   What are A.C.E.’s hours of operation? 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET, Monday - Friday. A.C.E. can be reached 24/7 for after hours emergency job assignments. Please call A.C.E.’s office for the after hours message and contact number. 3.   Can I tour A.C.E.’s facility? Yes. Call for an appointment. If you are in the area, please stop by and see us.
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4.   Can A.C.E. meet the guidelines set forth in NFPA 921?  Yes. We follow these guidelines. We have an extensive library with many different types of codes, standards and reference materials which are updated constantly. 5.   Can A.C.E. examine residential, commercial and industrial losses?  Yes. We have examined many incidents that have occurred in residential, commercial and industrial locations. 6.   Can A.C.E. make a site visit examination? Yes. A.C.E. performs site evaluations on residential, commercial and industrial incidents. Note: most lightning verifications are done in- house. However, depending on the size, type of equipment and scope of the loss, we will determine if a site examination is necessary and economically feasible.

Forensics/Lightning Testing

7.   Is R-22 compatible with R140A? No.  They should not be mixed. The lubricants used with the two refrigerants is different. 8.   Why can’t A.C.E. completely tear down a piece of equipment?  A.C.E. will evaluate and test a piece of equipment but will not cause spoliation of evidence. 9.   Can A.C.E. evaluate equipment for lightning damage that is not listed on the web site? Yes. Call or e-mail us. A.C.E. will discuss the loss with you and determine how to proceed. 10. Should I send photographs with the equipment? Yes, if photographs are available. Photographs of the origin of the incident can assist the Forensic Analyst.


11. How long does it take A.C.E. to provide a report? Lightning Testing - Within a week of receiving the equipment at our facility. The coordination of the pick-up and the transit time for the equipment will vary. Forensic Analysis - Depending on the complexity of the loss, the type of investigation and type of examination needed will determine the amount of time it takes to produce a report. An Analyst will contact you after our site visit examination normally within 72 hours. Based on the information you receive, you can inform us of the type of report you want generated. 12. Can A.C.E. give a client a verbal report? Yes. Lightning Testing - There is a small charge for a verbal/rush report that has been assigned for under 3 weeks. Forensic Analysis - We will make contact with you after the site examination, normally within 72 hours or less of the site visit.  We stay in close contact with our clients and keep them informed about the assignment. 13. How are jobs assigned to a particular person? Management evaluates what type of job assignment was received. The analyst who is best qualified to assume the lead investigative roll will be designated. At A.C.E. we use the team approach to investigate the loss. This approach facilitates you receiving more than one perspective, invokes our checks and balances system and allows you to communicate with more than one person. All this adds up to quick, smooth, and accurate processing of the loss.


14. How can I get equipment to A.C.E.?  You can make shipping arrangements through A.C.E.’s Easy Ship Program. With the Easy Ship program you have three options: Pack & Ship, Print & Ship and ACE Logistics. Normally, after A.C.E. receives the assignment we handle all aspects of getting equipment to our facility. 15. Are there restrictions on what A.C.E. can have transported to their facilities? No. If it can be physically moved, we can get it to our facility. If a piece of equipment is in a hard to reach area we will use any means (ie, wrecker, courier, crane, etc.) to retrieve the equipment.

Evidence Pick up & Storage

16. What is the best way for us to get evidence to you?  Use our Easy Ship Program. 17. Can A.C.E. pick up large pieces of evidence?  Yes, use A.C.E. Logistics Program. 18. Can A.C.E. store large pieces of evidence at their facilities? Yes. ACE can store a variety of evidence. If you have any questions call A.C.E. and we can address any concerns. 19. Our evidence only needs to be in storage for a few months. Can we pro-rate the storage fee? Yes. 20. We have had the evidence tested but we need somewhere to store the evidence. Can ACE store the evidence without testing? Yes. A.C.E. can store evidence without testing. 21. How can I inspect the evidence you are storing? Contact A.C.E. All parties involved will have to give written permission for the inspection. We will set-up a date and time for the           inspection. 22. What is the process to have a piece of evidence discarded? Fax or E-mail A.C.E. permission to discard evidence. A.C.E. will check with all parties involved to guarantee that the evidence can be discarded.

Seminars/ Mailing List

23. Can A.C.E. give a seminar at my company? Yes. We will travel to your company to conduct an informative seminar tailored to your needs. Many times we offer CEU credits. This must be arranged in advance to meet your state requirements. 24. What types of seminars does A.C.E. offer? We offer a wide variety of seminars. A.C.E. can tailor a seminar to your needs and wants. (Examples: “How and When to Use an Expert,” “Lightning Verification” and “Electrical Fires.” 25. How can I be placed on your mailing list for upcoming events? Fill in the Request Information Form on the website, e-mail a request or call A.C.E. We will need your address and/or e-mail. A.C.E. will send you notification of up coming events and seminars.