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Find Product Program

Product/Equipment Location Service

Do you need a particular product? ACE finds products and equipment for testing, and litigation. for manufacturers, attorneys, and others. Many times a suit or pending suit makes it necessary to locate a particular product or piece of equipment. A.C.E. can find the various type of products/equipment. Is the product/equipment you need:  hard to find  old  recalled  specialty

How does it work?

What you do.

Fill out the Find Product Program Form or CALL. You set the search parameters. Tell us everything about the particular equipment (type, manufacturer,  model, color, etc.)

What A.C.E. does.

A.C.E. locates the equipment negotiates pricing ships the equipment to our facilities verifies the specifications (search parameters) have been met examines and documents the equipment tests, holds or ships the equipment

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Find Product Program Form Find Product Program Form