Hail Assessment

damaged, not damaged or exaggerated

Hail is a form of solid precipitation in the form of balls or irregular lumps of ice. The coil of your HVAC exterior unit can be damaged by hail. The coil fins can be bent by the impact of hailstones. The amount of damage varies greatly depending on the size of the hail, the wind speed, and wind direction. Extensive damage to the coil will cause elevated operating temperature which will eventually cause the system to stop cooling completely. In most cases, HVAC hail damage can be repaired by your HVAC technician using a “fin comb” to straighten the fins. Use the Hail Assessment Form to upload photographs, PDFs and file information to receive an analysis that determines if the hail damaged fins can be combed out.
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Pressure washed no damage damaged can be combed
Site Examination A.C.E. sends out a trained data collection technician who completes a field examination, then transfers the data to A.C.E.  A forensic analyst interprets the information and generates a report with photographs.
Equipment Pick-Up We will coordinate shipping, examine the equipment, generate a report, and store or reship the equipment.
E-mail Photographs Just send us photographs that are taken of the coils. Our forms allow for file uploads. REMEMBER TO STAND ABOUT 5 FEET AWAY FROM THE UNIT!



Hail Assessment Form Hail Assessment Form