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Lightning Testing

Using A.C.E.’s Lightning Analysis Methodology

A.C.E.’s lightning examination and lightning testing has been developed so it

is economically feasible to determine if lightning has damaged various

equipment or systems such as air-conditioners, furnaces, submersible

pumps, electronics, motors, computers, and many other items. Lightning

testing is a proven method to validate damage. Lightning examination of

components, equipment, and systems is one of the many creative solutions

A.C.E. provides our clients.

Equipment We are constantly aware of new items in the market. We continually test, develop testing and enhance methodologies to complete our lightning testing and lightning examinations.
Distribution Systems Structure Wiring Systems Power Generating Equipment Transformers Sound Systems Lightning Systems Lighting Systems Gas Stations Radio Towers TV Towers Cable/Satellite Farm Equipment Generators Transfer Switches Ventilation Systems
Electronic Computers/Laptops Servers Electrical Panels Audio/Video Telephone Systems Security Systems Fire Alarms Smart Houses Lighting Controls Structures Roofs Chimneys
Pump/Motors Res. & Comm. Submersible Pumps Irrigation Systems Above Ground Pumps Grinder Pumps Other Equipment Medical Diagnostic Equipment Turbines Air-Compressors Electric Motors Marine Equipment Boiler Piping
HVAC Res. & Comm. Compressors Condensing units Heat Pump Systems Unitary Systems Furnaces Geothermal Systems Air handlers Absorption Units Appliances Cooking Appliances Washing Machines Dryers Water Heaters Dishwashers Cleaning Equipment Water Heaters



Lightning Testing Form Lightning Testing Form