Litigation Support

A.C.E. provides/performs:

Early Case Assessment - A.C.E.’s litigation support team composed of Forensic Analysts,

Engineers and Staff will guide your legal activities from the beginning to end or sometime in between.

Our support team allows the attorney to stay focused on legal issues while we provide the technological

support behind the litigator’s success. A.C.E. works hand-in-hand with the attorney providing reports,

tests, and technical information, allowing the attorney to drive the discovery process, instead of reacting

to the opposing counsel.

Site Examination - A.C.E. provides a comprehensive site examination to discover the root

cause of the incident. This includes Photographic Documentation and/or Video Documentation.

Photographic and Video Documentation - Photographic Documentation and

Video Documentation allows you and the expert witness to visualize the scene. Permitting you to

determine if a full site investigation is needed. Photographic and Video Documentation will assist you in

determining if you should proceed with the case.

Finding Equipment - Frequently, a particular piece of equipment or appliance is involved in

a case or claim. A.C.E. will find an exemplar that is necessary for display or testing. We also verify

functionality of the equipment or appliance. A.C.E. will then test and/or ship the equipment.

Product Testing - A.C.E. performs product testing. Many times we are asked to determine the

failure mode or duplicate a failure mode. A.C.E. will verify safety mechanism functionality and proper

warning labels attachment. At other times, the client requests various types of tests. An example would

be the spatter pattern if a automobile light was energized and was impacted/broken at 30 mph.

Technical & Code Information - Technical support is given to you in an

understandable format. We will inform you about the technical issues that surround the event. This also

includes applicable codes, standards of operation, failure to warn, etc.

Expert Witness - A.C.E.’s court proven expert witnesses along with their staff support,

facilitate ease of access to technical information. You will have information from an expert promptly

without having to wait. A.C.E.’s Litigation Support Team is at your fingertips.

Evidence Storage - A.C.E. routinely handles evidence from collection to the eventual

disposal of the evidence. We keep track, preserve and maintain the evidence with a clear chain of


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"In law it is good policy to never plead what you need not, lest you oblige yourself to prove what you can not." The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln edited by Roy P. Basler, Volume I, "Letter to Usher F. Linder" (February 20, 1848), p. 453.



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