Origin and Cause: Fires and Explosions

Fire Science blended with A.C.E.’s forensic engineering background allow our investigators to determine the origin and cause of a fire or explosions. Many of the fires and explosions that A.C.E. has investigated were caused by: electrical defects mechanical defects faulty design faulty manufacturing faulty installation user failure malfunction of an appliance gas leaks arson spontaneous combustion
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Our well-trained staff is committed to ensuring that our client receives immediate on-site comprehensive inspections and we will provide you with a meaningful analysis. Experience allows A.C.E. to rapidly determine what is significant verse not relevant. The time spent on the scene is less than an inexperienced investigator or an investigator who is not an engineer. Cross-training engineers allows a full investigation of the fire or explosion without involving another person or firm. This creates a clean investigation, no data loss, and maintains scene control without duplication of purpose. A.C.E.’s court proven reports allow our clients to pursue subrogation when necessary.



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