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Product Liability

Root Cause Analysis

Many times, the failure causes a fire, explosion, electrical shock, electrocution, or collapse. Our staff's electrical, mechanical, structural, fire science and failure analysis backgrounds allow us to determine the root cause. A.C.E. informs our clients of subrogation and salvage possibilities along with fraud detection. When Product Failure Duplication is necessary A.C.E.‘s experience, and knowledge ensure that the duplication is proper, viable and valuable in court. We provide certainty by giving you answers.
Some Electrical, Mechanical Electronic, and Structural Failures Investigated: Residential, Commercial and Industrial Equipment design faults installations errors commissioning defects maintenance shortcomings construction weaknesses industry standards human factors code requirements and compliance electrical disturbances user error manufacturing inadequacies failure to warn fatigue
corrosion thermal shock normal attrition fatigue strength or shock stress design life completion lubrication inadequacies environmental vibration and stress improper material usage high cycling fatigue safety switch failures lightning



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