Lightning Testing

A.C.E.’s lightning examination and lightning testing has been developed so that it is economically feasible to determine if lightning has damaged various equipment such as air-conditioners (HVAC), furnaces, submersible pumps and motors, computers, irrigation pumps and many other items. Lightning testing is a proven method that gives you answers.  


ACE is not a run-of-the-mill engineering firm. A.C.E.’s expertise is deeply rooted in a broad spectrum of areas (electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics, civil/structural engineering, and fire science). A.C.E.’s staff gives you the personal touch tailored to your needs. We are here to help solve your issues. This is not a complete list of our capabilities, but it should help acquaint you with A.C.E.’s capabilities. Please feel free to contact us and discuss your needs.

Failure Analysis

Our electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, forensic technicians and staff work as a team to investigate the root cause of the equipment failure. These types of forensic investigations include appliance failures, equipment failures, and system failures.

Litigation Support

Litigation Support by A.C.E.’s Forensic Analysts, Engineers and staff for early case assessment is vital to any legal case. Attorneys can continue to stay focused on legal issues, while the litigation support team provides the technical support behind the litigator’s success. A.C.E. works hand-in-hand with the attorney to provide reports, tests, and technical information.

Appliance Testing

Appliance testing is necessary to determine if the appliance malfunctioned, was improperly installed, or if the incident was caused by the user. Appliance testing requires a combination of electrical, electronic, mechanical and sometimes a fire science background. When an appliance malfunctions, a root cause investigation is necessary.

Code Research &


Code and Standard Research sounds simple but can be complex depending on the subject matter and circumstances. A.C.E. personnel maintain a working knowledge of numerous codes such as NFPA, ICC, NEC, UL, ASTM, Life Safety Code, and ADA.
This marketing introduction describes some of our expertise. For more information, comments or questions, please contact us. 1.866.451.5438, contact form, or

Origin and Cause

Fire Science blended with A.C.E.’s forensic engineering background allows our investigators to determine the origin and cause of a fire or explosion. A.C.E. employs a  systematic approach and methodology so that the origin and cause can be determined withstanding the challenge of litigation.



When you need Photographic Documentation or Video Documentation of the scene where an incident has occurred. A.C.E.’s trained personnel supplies you with the type of photographs that you require. This documentation allows you to determine when a full  scale investigation is needed.

Evidence Storage

A.C.E. stores evidence for you ensuring that there is no spoliation of evidence. The chain of custody will be secured from the time that A.C.E. receives or retrieves the evidence to the completion of litigation and we will dispose the evidence.

Find Product Program

ACE locates equipment for testing, and litigation for manufacturers, attorneys, and others. A.C.E. finds the equipment, negotiates pricing, ships the equipment to our facilities, verifies the specifications are met, documents the equipment examines the equipment, then holds or ships the equipment to the necessary parties.



Expert Witness

Providing you with the best Expert Witness from A.C.E.’s team is our quality goal. Our court proven Expert Witness will work closely with you to ascertain your technical needs and then provide you with the defensible details.

Hail Assessment

When you need an Expert to determine if hail actually impacted the HVAC and caused irreparable damage to a HVAC coil, contact A.C.E.

Product Liability

Product Liability is a service that helps you determine the root cause of an incident. Was the product at fault or was something else the cause of the issue? Our staff's electrical, mechanical, structural, fire science and failure analysis backgrounds allow us to determine what caused the failure including  failure to warn issues.